پرشیافت پلاس

پرشیافت پلاس

Fatty acid profiles (DM basis)

Palmitic (C16): %25-28

Palmitoleic (C16:1): %3

Stearic (C18): %5-7

Oleic (C18:1): %24-27

Linoleic (C18:2): %27-30

Linolenic (C18:3): %3-4

Saturated fatty acids: %35

Unsaturated fatty acids: %65

PUFA: %30-33

Chemical Composition and nutrient value

Fat% DM: 85

Ash % DM: 15

Dry matter % as fed: 97

Calcium % DM: 9

Fat Digestibility= 0.84

Metabolisable energy=7.3 Mcal/kg DM

Net energy for milk production= 5.8 Mcal/kg DM

Vitamin D3: 400 IU/kg

Vitamin A: 1500 IU/kg

Vitamin E: 200 IU/kg

Consumption Guide

Livestock Type Usage (g/d/ head)
Close up Cows and heifers ۱۰۰-۲۵۰
Early lactating dairy cows ۳۰۰-۶۰۰
high-producing dairy cows ۴۰۰-۱۰۰۰
Mid- producing dairy cows ۲۰۰-۵۰۰
Feedlot calves ۱۰۰-۴۰۰
Sheep and goats ۲۰-۵۰
Mature Mare and Stallion ۵۰-۱۰۰

For optimal use of PersiaFat products, use Herd Nutritionist services or consult with the nutritionist of Kimia Danesh Alvand Company www.persiafat.ir


Effects of using PUFA fat powders (like PersiaFat) Vs fat powders based on Palm oil on pregnancy rate and milk yield of Cattle.

پرشیافت پلاس